In designing our web based CORporate Kosher application, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your information while at the same time providing you with an intuitive, user friendly and efficient system has been, and continues to be our key design criteria. We have incorporated many security features in this system that will prevent unauthorized access to your information while facilitating those who are legitimately accessing your information.

However, please bear in mind that maintaining a truly secure Internet environment is a partnership between yourselves and the COR.

What the COR is providing
  • Our CORporate Kosher web site uses encryption to assure that your data can only be decoded and read in our secure online environment. The protocol ‘https’ is your assurance that this security level is active.

  • Our state of the art and robust firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized infiltration and malicious access to your information.

  • Our systems are constantly monitored and checked to enable us to immediately identify any unusual activity.

  • We have incorporated a series of safety checkpoints, ensuring that only users authorized by yourselves can access or modify your data in the system.

  • All your ingredients and formulas, as well as all your finished products that are marked as confidential, are strictly confidential and can be viewed only by yourselves and the COR staff.

  • All COR employees have been instructed and are familiar with the procedures that must be taken to safeguard customer information. Protecting the confidentiality of your information is part of our job.

Your responsibility

You are responsible for controlling who is granted access to the system and the confidentiality of your logins and passwords. In particular, never disclose your password to other people, do not write your password on paper, or store password on insecure media. In the event of loss or compromise of your logins or passwords, it is your responsibility to notify COR immediately.